Free Pick: Mouse Locator

As Mac displays become larger and larger, the mouse pointer seems to get smaller and smaller. And, with a second display, it's quite a challenge figuring out where the mouse pointer is!

Enter Mouse Locator, by 2POINT5FISH.COM. This simple, yet incredibly useful, free application helps you see your mouse pointer by temporarily drawing very visible concentric green circles around.

Mouse Locator can be configured to act when a hotkey is pressed, or when the mouse is moved after a specified amount of time has passed.

And, you can download a free pack of alternate locator images that offer concentric circles of other colors, and squares too. You can even create you own locator images.

Mouse Locator gets a "Woo hoo!" from the Woowoomac staff for simplicity, configurability and great usefullness!


Twitter as a News Feed

Whether you tweet or not. Twitter is not just for sending 140-character messages about the everyday goings-on of your life.

Many news organizations use Twitter to send-out late breaking news, when it happens. NPR, CNN, ESPN, and the Wall Street Journal are just a few who offer a number of Twitter feeds.

It's as easy as creating a Twitter account, searching for your favorite news outlets, and following them.

Then, use a Twitter application to receive your news tweets. There are many to choose from, for Mac and iPhone.

Our favorites, available on Mac and iPhone:

  • Twitterific - clean, elegant design
  • Tweetie - easy-to-use, with lots of features to grow into
  • TweetDeck - let's you monitor FaceBook and MySpace, too



Find All iPhone Pictures in iPhoto

iPhoto is a great way to collect, manage and share pictures you take with your iPhone and all the other digital cameras you have.

In iPhoto, you can find all the photos you've snapped with your iPhone by creating a simple Smart Album:

  • In iPhoto, select "New Smart Album..." from the File menu
  • Enter "iPhone Photos", or whatever you'd like, as the name for this Smart Album
  • Specify this match condition: Camera Model is Apple iPhone (as in image above)
  • Click OK

iPhoto also lets you use a Smart Album to find photos taken with other cameras, including the: Canon PowerShot A570, Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Nikon E5000 and Olympus SP-310.



Shop Fast at Target with The Target iPhone App

Target is a wonderful place for one-stop shopping. But, if you're like me, you don't frequent Target enough to know where to find everything.

Target has created a free iPhone app that makes it quick and easy to find what you want.

Search for an item at your local Target store. The app will tell you if it is in stock AND what aisle to find it in. If you have an iPhone, use the Target app to make shopping a breeze.

So, whether you're looking for a LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars Battle Pack, Brita 3-pack pitcher filters, Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner or Campbell's soup, even the most difficult-to-locate items are easy to find with the Target iPhone app.

iPhone App Store Link: Target

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