Pocket God Walk Through All the Episodes

In Pocket God (by Bolt Creative) you determine the adventures and fates of six pygmies - over and over again. Pocket God is one of the most popular iPhone apps of all-time. It has remained in the App Store Top Paid apps list since it was first available for the iPhone and iPod touch back in January 2009.

From it's humble beginnings (where about all you could do was poke and throw pygmies), Pocket God has had 37 episodic updates. Each update added more to the pygmies universe - more islands, more mini-games, and more for you to do with the pygmies.

We've put together a Pocket God walkthrough of sorts through all the episodes in the order they were introduced - an episode guide, really.

To make it even more interesting we've chosen a challenge for each episode (some simple, some difficult) to test your Pocket God knowledge and skills. You can accomplish all the challenges in latest version of Pocket God. Consider yourself an elite Pocket God player if you accomplish them all. Enjoy!

Episode 1: "Nowhere To Go, Nothin' To Do"
This was the first, very simple episode. Challenge: Poke a pygmy to make his eyes spin. (Okay, not much of a challenge, but that's about all you could do in the first episode.)

Episode 2: "Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat?"
This gave Pocket God a behind-the-scenes update to the app engine that let the developers add things in following episodes. Challenge: Knock a pygmy into the water and rescue him.

Episode 3: "You Always Hurt the Ones You Lava"
A volcano appeared in the distance. Challenge: Make the volcano erupt.

Episode 4: "Shake That App!"
The pygmies are affected by tilting, moving and shaking the iPhone. Challenge: Cause an earthquake.

Episode 5: "A Storm is Coming"
Dark clouds and lightning were added. Touch a cloud and drag your finger to create lightning. Challenge: Electrocute a pygmy with a lightning bolt that spells the pygmy's name.

Episode 6: "And on the Seventh Day, Rest!"
The sun, moon and stars were added. Drag the sun down to go from day to night. Challenge: Find the red star.

Episode 7: "Just Give Us 5 Minutes"
Added the meteor-like boulder and coconuts. Challenge: Bowl six pygmies (at the same time) off the island.

Episode 8: "Jump the Shark"
Enter, the shark. Challenge: Make the shark jump up out of the water by dangling a pygmy over it, but don't let the pygmy get eaten.

Episode 9: "Idle Hands"
The pygmies start to do more, such as wave, grin, yawn and fart. Challenge: Pin-down a pygmy with the boulder. Then, free him without touching the boulder or the pygmy.

Episode 10: "Hi, Dracula!"
Introduced a vampire bat that turns a pygmy into a vampire pygmy. Challenge: Use a vampire pygmy to chase all but one pygmy off the island (so that you have a pygmy and vampire left on the island.) There are at least three ways to do this. Hint: Use the boulder.

Episode 11: "A Mighty Wind"
Added the ability to create hurricane winds that pick-up pygmies, coconuts and other object and swirls them around in the air. With the storm clouds showing, touch the sky and swirl your finger in a circular motion. Challenge: Using hurricane winds, toss a pygmy behind the island.

Episode 12: "Something's Fishy..."
The fishing rod makes its first appearance (and the fish, too). Challenge: Feed a pygmy a fish.

Episode 13: "March of the Fire Ants"
An ant hill is added to the island. Challenge: Fry some ants.

Episode 14: "Say my Name!"
This update lets you change the name of the pygmies. It also introduced Gift, Sacrifice and Mood tracking. Challenge: Get each pygmy's Mood to be Happy.

Episode 15: "A New Home"
A new island (the second one) with an outhouse and dinosaur egg was added.) Challenge: After a pygmy goes into the outhouse, cause him to come out.

Episode 16: "The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back!"
The "T-Rex" and Octopus Statue were added. Challenge: Disintegrate all six pygmies in quick succession with three taps without using fire, lasers or lighting bolts. Hint: You can do this on the island with the coconut tree.

Episode 17: "Return of the Pygmy"
The pygmies are armed with a spear to fight T-Rex. Challenge: "Call" the T-Rex and defeat it.

Episode 18: "Surf's Up"
The underwater area was added along with a statue that shoots a spear. Drag the ocean from one side to the other to create a tsunami that takes you and the pygmies underwater. Challenge: Spear six pygmies at once.

Episode 19: "Fun n' Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt"
Achievements were added and tracked (using OpenFeint). Challenge: Score at least 100 achievements points. You should be able to do this by completing many of the challenges in this episode guide.

Episode 20: "Stop! My App Is On Fire!"
The pygmies receive wood to make a fire. Challenge: Cook a bird, a fish and a pygmy.

Episode 21: "Flipping the Bird"
Added the flying Dodo bird. Challenge: On the island with the outhouse, make the bird pick up a pygmy.

Episode 22: "Ooga Jump"
Added the Ooga Jump mini-game, a tribute to the popular iPhone/iPod touch game, "Doodle Jump." Pick-up a pygmy and drag him into the sky. Release him over a cloud. He'll bounce. Tilt the iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) to maneuver the pygmy onto another cloud. Challenge: Jump at least 3000 Oogles high.

Episode 23: "Bait Master"
Added another mini-game to the underwater area. Pick up and drop the anchor to start the mini-game. Guide a piranha to a pygmy without running into another piranha. Challenge: Spear three pygmies at the same time AS they are being eaten by piranhas. 

Episode 24: "Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down"
The pygmies do more when they're just "standing around". Challenge: Observe the pygmies and watch them beat their chest like a gorilla, pull the bone from their head causing their hair to fall over their face, and sneeze.

Episode 25: "Sharks with Frickin' Laser-beams Attached to their Heads"
Another mini-game was added to the underwater area. Tap the chum bucket to start the game. Tilt your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) to aim at a pygmy, then fire! Challenge: Blast 50 pygmies with the shark laser.

Episode 26: "Dead Pygmy Walking"
Bury pygmies in the graveyard area to turn them into zombies. Challenge: Create a zombie. Then, make two pygmies impervious to attack - so that you have four zombies and two pygmies happily (relatively) hanging out, without fear of having their brains eaten.

Episode 27: "Good Will Haunting"
When a pygmy dies, it turns into a ghost. Challenge: Use a single ghost to possess a pygmy, scare a pygmy to death, and pull a pygmy into the ground.

Episode 28: "Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy"
Place a pygmy onto the web and tap him. A spider will wrap him in a cocoon. Tap the cocoon to pop it. The Barking Spider boss will appear. Challenge: Defeat the Barking Spider boss.

Episode 29: "The Pyg Chill"
Ice island was added in this update. Flick pygmies at the iceberg and the Ice Monster boss will appear. Challenge: Defeat the Ice Monster by flicking pygmies at him.

Episode 30: "Great Job, Ice Hole"
Pinch to enlarge and shrink the sun to change the temperature. See what happens when you make it too hot or too cold. Challenge: Figure out how to create the "ice hole". Then, use the pygmies to make the squid appear and then a swordfish.

Episode 31: "What's the Story, Morning Gory"
In this update, you can create animated stories using the pygmies, islands, props and words (that the pygmies "say" in word balloons). Also, the undersea area got yet another mini-game: the Pain Drain. Remove the cork to pull a Pygmy into the Pain Drain. Then, tilt the iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) to slide the pygmy deeper into the drain, while avoiding ever approaching spikes. Challenge: In the Pain Drain mini-game, dive 4000 oogles deep.

Episode 31B: "What's the Story, Morning Gory Part II"
Introduced Pocket God news, a little pop-up window of news and other info. Also, more animations were added that can be used in stories. Challenge: In the Pain Drain mini-game, dive 10,000 oogles deep.

Episode 32: "Crack is Wack"
Create cracks in an island. A pygmy that falls into a crack enters "The Ruins" mini-game. Keep the pygmy alive by jumping from platform to platform staying out of the lava while avoiding various obstacles. Challenge: In The Ruins mini-game, run 8000 oogles.

Episode 33: "A Pygmy a Day Keeps the Ape Away"
The Ape Mountain area was added with drums and a sacrificial altar. Challenge: Summon the giant gorilla. Hint: The eyes of the skulls on the altar must be lit.

Episode 34: "Monkey See, Monkey Chew"
Monkeys invade Ape Mountain. Summon a monkey by tapping the banana tree. Challenge: Juggle three pygmies. Hint: Use more than one monkey.

Episode 35: "Double Rain All The Way Across the Sky"
Drag you finger across the sky to create a rainbow. Watch the pygmies stare in awe. Challenge: Make it rain.

Episode 36: "Konkey Dong"
Introduced the Konkey Dong mini-game. Drag a pygmy onto the Ape Idol on Ape Island to start the game. Note: The Ape Idol appears when you have the Banana Tree option on. Challenge: Score at least 15,000 points.

Episode 37: "The Moron Pests"
Added the Island of Misfit Crossovers. At night, tap a pygmy's turtle dream bubble to enter the island. Then, drop a snake onto a pygmy's head to play a mini-game inspired by the wonderful iPhone game, "Moron Test." Answer seemingly easy questions to keep ahead of the angry turle. Challenge: Travel at least 20,000 Oogles.

Episode 38: "Two and a Half Pygmies"
A seventh pygmy, Charlie, takes residence on the islands. Charlie has many powers the other pygmies do not possess. Challenge: With Charlie's help, launch a pygmy off an island. Hint: Half a Pygmy is better than none

Episode 39: "Challenge of the Gods"
Collect god idols by completing challenge tasks set in the previous 39 episodes to collect god idols. Challenge: Collect all 40 god idols!

Episode 40: "Battle of the Gods"
Once you've gotten at least 4 god idols, place four of them on the pedestals to enter the battle arena. Use idols' powers to defeat your opponent!

Episode 41: "I Sting The Body Electric"
The New Coral Reef invites your pygmies to swim in the calm waters with the jellyfish. But the jellyfish are not as friendly as they might first appear! Challenge: Electrocute a pygmy with all the jellyfish at the same time.

Episode 42: "Bone Soup"
A strange pyramid appears in the Coral Reef. What mysterious secrets does it hold? Challenge: Discover five ways to affect the water (and pygmies) using the Coral Reef pyramid.

Episode 43: "Killing Time"
Enter Apocalypse Island! Watch the giant temple slowly count down to the end of the Mayan calendar (and perhaps the end of the world). In the temple you'll find the Time Chamber. What mysteries does the Time Chamber hold? Challenge: Use the Time Chamber to turn a pygmy into a baby pygmy, old fart pygmy, ginger pygmy and fast pygmy.

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Reader Comments (113)

Another hint for summoning the Gorilla: Torches light the way. :-)

August 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertechnosorcerer

make sure your pygmies can dance when trying to make the gorilla appear!!

August 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpocketgodlover

Heya! Pocket god owns :D I love the game but Id like more new things lol thx 4 letting me post xD

September 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSampo

Need help on episode 34

September 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey

Get two monkeys then drop the pygs on top of them and they will juggle them

October 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDanno

Ep 34, how finish it, juggled 5 pygmys and still nothing?

October 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKyer

Ugh I can't get past ep. 33!!!!!!! :-(

November 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCassandra

Lol technosorcerer was that supposed to be poetic?

December 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSome guy

to beat episode 34 light the torches, get one pygmy on the altar, get a pygmy on the drums and turning wheel thing, then draw a circle clockwis around the guy with the wheel spin till skulls are lit then repeatedly tap the backround

January 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnoymous

sorry i mean episode 33 NOT episode 34

to beat 34 u take a banana off a tree then let the monkey eat it. throw the peels away and do the same. u should have 2 monkeys. just take three pymies then put them on one monkey

I can't get past episode 36. I got over 15000 points but it still says i'm on episode 36.

March 16, 2011 | Unregistered Commenter2456

15000 is just the point total for the game. :-)

You enter content for Episode 37 by tapping the dream bubble of a sleeping pygmy at night.

I hope this helps.

March 16, 2011 | Registered CommenterWoowooMac Editor

why does it start me on 37

March 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermyself

luv pocket god it rules :)

April 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commentereducationalfish

i just got it and it started me on the latest episode (two and a half pygmies) HOW DO I GET TO THE OLD EPISODES?????

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commentershhh secret

you cant go to old episodes unless you want to have less updates then the current ones.Episodes are each time they update the game.

May 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpocket god fan

Level 10 sunblock?

May 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEric

YAY!!! New update is so cool!!! Thnx guys

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHideyoshi

Can't figure out level 10 sunblock either :|

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTroy

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