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Share a web page from your iPad or iPhone

There's so much good stuff on the web. Share a web page easily with friends and family from your iPad or iPhone. While you're viewing a web page in Safari, tap the Share icon. A number of buttons will appear. Click "Mail Link to this Page."

Share web page URL from iPad

A new email message will open, containing the URL of the web page. The subject of the email will be filled-in using the title of the web page. Type-in the email addresses of who you want to sent it to and add any comments. Click Send.


The Recipe Box for iPad

Toss out your printouts, magazine clippings, and even cookbooks. The iPad finally has an app that gets recipe collection and presentation right. The Recipe Box turns your iPad into a great kitchen appliance, so you can find just the right recipe whenever you need it. And it's great while you're cooking, too.

Readable Text
Unlike a regular cookbook, The Recipe Box won't accidentally turn a page on you while you're in the middle of a complicated step. In fact, you can keep track of what step you're on just by tapping on it. What's more, you can keep track of steps in several recipes by tapping through your history. You can also use the app while gathering ingredients… tap them off after you've gathered them so you can focus on what's left. When you're done, rotate your iPad from landscape to portrait, and the ingredients tuck themselves away. Tap on the directions tab, and now all you see on your iPad are directions in large text that you can read across the kitchen. What a respite from cluttered screens of ads, ratings, reviews that bury directions an unreadable layout.

Even if you're the most meticulous recipe collector, you can't put recipes in more than one physical file folder. Where do you put a risotto recipe? Under rice? Dinner? Italian? Comfort food? It really belongs in all categories, and The Recipe Box lets you do that. Don't like the ones that come with the app, or want to add more? You can do that. Say you have some green onions and mushrooms in your fridge and want to find something to make for dinner. Simply search for "green onion mushroom" and you'll get all your recipes with those in it. You can bookmark recipes to try later. And email yourself a list of ingredients from items in your shopping cart, or a nicely formatted recipe to share or print.

Enjoyable Data Entry
Of course, to get the full use, you have to enter recipes, which can be annoying in apps that force you to tap buttons for every ingredient. The Recipe Box makes it easy to cut and paste from an email or web site. If you save the web site in the source field, it's a clickable link in the About tab. Have a bunch of clippings or printouts? The special keyboard types common cooking terms for you, with shortcuts for hard to find keys like °, common measuring terms, as well as fractions. 

Many cooking apps hit some of these features, but not all. And none of them have as gorgeous a presentation, as delightful to look at as the things you'll cook.

The Recipe Box for iPad is available for $6.99 from the App Store.


Launch iPad Apps Using Spotlight

With so many apps available for iPad, you likely have a whole lotta apps installed. So, finding an app you want to use might take a while, especially when you have multiple screens of apps - even if you've given some thought to organizing them.

Spotlight to the Rescue
You can launch any app, fast, using iPad's Spotlight Search feature. (iPhone and iPod touch have this feature, too.)

Using Spotlight to Find an App
From any home screen, press the Home button. (It'll take you to the first Home Screen.) Then, press the Home button again. Now, you're in the Spotlight Search screen.

Start typing the name of the app you want into the search field. As you type, you'll see matches below the search field. You'll see matches for apps, as well as Mail messages, music, contacts and calendar events. The apps will be listed at the top. Tap the app you want and it will launch.

By the way, Spotlight Search is also a great way to quickly find and play a song on your iPad.


iPad Not Charging? Maybe it is.

When you connect your iPad to your Mac, you may have noticed that it displays "Not Charging" next to the battery icon.

The iPad is not able to charge from the low-powered USB ports found on some older Macs (and PCs) and some USB hubs. However, in many cases, the iPad will actually charge, but only when the iPad screen is off.

So, if you’re getting the “Not Charging” message, try leaving your iPad plugged-in and see if the battery has recharged a little after an hour or so.


iPad Maps with Google Street View: It's Just Like Being There!

The Maps app on iPad (and iPhones running iOS 4) is very useful in helping you figure out where you are and how to get somewhere. It also has a feature that can virtually place you at a location, to actually be able to look around, using Google Street View.

Launch the Maps app and then drop a pin on the map or just use your current location. Tap the location's pin or blue ball to bring up the information bar. In the left part of the bar is an red-orange circle with the icon of a person in it. Tap this icon.

The Maps app will zoom in on the location and present a 360-degree view of the area. Swipe to rotate the camera view. You can pinch to zoom the picture, too. Tap virtual arrows on the street to move around the map, as though you were actually walking on the street.