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Share a web page from your iPad or iPhone

There's so much good stuff on the web. Share a web page easily with friends and family from your iPad or iPhone. While you're viewing a web page in Safari, tap the Share icon. A number of buttons will appear. Click "Mail Link to this Page."

Share web page URL from iPad

A new email message will open, containing the URL of the web page. The subject of the email will be filled-in using the title of the web page. Type-in the email addresses of who you want to sent it to and add any comments. Click Send.


iPhone Text Message Alerts: One Time or Three Times?

When you receive a text message on your iPhone your phone will vibrate, a preview of the message will display and you'll hear an alert chime (if sound is turned on). If you choose to ignore the alert, your iPhone will remind you of the message two more times - again, with vibration, preview and alert chime.

While three notifications certainly helps make sure you're aware of incoming text messages, one alert might be enough for you. You can limit text message notifications to just a single alert in Settings.

Launch Settings. Scroll down and tap Messages. On the next screen, you'll see (amongst other things) a "Repeat Alert" setting. By default this is turned on. Tap the switch to set it to the OFF position.

Now, when you get a text, you'll only be notified once.


Create Playlists of Music on iPhone 4

You already know that you can create music playlists using iTunes on your Mac. Well, when you're away from your Mac and you have inspiration or desire, you can create playlists on-the-go on your iPhone, too.

iOS 4 lets you create playlists.
With iPhone iOS 4 installed on your iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS or 3G), you can create playlists with the music you have on your phone. 

Create a playlist.
Launch the iPod app, then tap the Playlists icon in the lower left of the screen. At the top of the list of playlists you'll see "Add Playlist..." Tap it and name the New Playlist as you like.

Choose your music.
Now, choose music for your playlist by tapping songs. You can search for songs using the search field or by browser your music genre, artist and other groupings.

Tap done to save the playlist. You can add or delete music from this playlilst by selecting it and tapping Edit.

Playlists you create on your iPhone are just like the ones you create in iTunes on your Mac. All playlists you create on your iPhone will be copied over to your Mac the next time you sync your phone.


iOS 4.1 Software Update for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple released an update for the iPhone. The iOS 4.1 Software Update for iPhone has a number of fixes, features and improvements, including:

  • Game Center
    - Send and receive friend requests
    - Invite friends to multi-player games over the Internet
    - Play multi-player games by auto-matching with other players
    - View Leaderboards and Achievements
    - Discover new games from friends
  • High dynamic range (HDR) photos on iPhone 4
  • Support for TV show rentals on iTunes
  • Ability to upload HD videos to YouTube and MobileMe over Wi-Fi on iPhone 4
  • Additional support for AVRCP-supported accessories, including next & previous track control
  • FaceTime calling directly from Favorites
  • Bug fixes, including:
    - iPhone 4 proximity sensor performance
    - iPhone 3G performance
    - Nike+iPod fixes
    - Bluetooth improvements

The iOS 4.1 Software Update is available for download from the Apple Support web site and via iTunes. This software update is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation, or later.


iPhone Voice Dialing

When your hands aren't entirely free, you can dial a phone number by voice on your iPhone (iPhone 4 or 3GS).

Hold Down the Home Button
Hold down the Home button for 3 seconds. (If you have the iPhone earphones plugged-in, squeeze and hold the center button on the earphones cord.)

Speak a Phone Number or Name
The Voice Control screen will open. Now, you can say "Dial 555-1234" or "Call 555-1234". Or, you can speak names that are in Contacts on your iPhone, "Dial Shelley" or "Dial Shelley mobile" (if you have more than one phone number for Shelley).

Works even when iPhone is Sleeping
You can bring up Voice Control dialing even when your iPhone is asleep and locked. You don't have to wake it up. Just hold down the Home button for 3 seconds and talk.