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Create Playlists of Music on iPhone 4

You already know that you can create music playlists using iTunes on your Mac. Well, when you're away from your Mac and you have inspiration or desire, you can create playlists on-the-go on your iPhone, too.

iOS 4 lets you create playlists.
With iPhone iOS 4 installed on your iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS or 3G), you can create playlists with the music you have on your phone. 

Create a playlist.
Launch the iPod app, then tap the Playlists icon in the lower left of the screen. At the top of the list of playlists you'll see "Add Playlist..." Tap it and name the New Playlist as you like.

Choose your music.
Now, choose music for your playlist by tapping songs. You can search for songs using the search field or by browser your music genre, artist and other groupings.

Tap done to save the playlist. You can add or delete music from this playlilst by selecting it and tapping Edit.

Playlists you create on your iPhone are just like the ones you create in iTunes on your Mac. All playlists you create on your iPhone will be copied over to your Mac the next time you sync your phone.


iPhone 4 Tip: Display Battery Percentage

The battery icon on an iPhone gives you a rough idea of how charged the iPhone battery is. For a more exact indication, you can choose to show the actual percentage of battery charge, as well.

On your iPhone, open Settings and then tap General. Next, tap Usage. You'll see the Battery Percentage setting at the top of the screen. Tap the switch to turn it on.

Now, the percentage of battery charge is displayed next to the battery icon in the upper-right corner of the iPhone screen.


Stream Music to iPhone 4 Over The Internet from MobileMe

iOS 4 introduced a capability we hope Apple will improve upon - the ability to stream music over the Internet from MobileMe. You'll need a MobileMe account to give it a try.

First, from your Mac, copy a music file to your iDisk.

Next, install the iDisk app on your iPhone. After setting it up, locate the music file you had copied from your Mac and tap to play it. The song will play and continue playing even after you leave the iDisk app (just like music played from the iPod app).

While you can't play multiple songs one after the other, or use playlists, this early incarnation of music streaming on iPhone can still be useful. Friends and colleagues can share audio files - voice notes, podcasts, speeches, etc. - by copying them to your Public iDisk. Then, you can listen to them anywhere, from your iPhone.


How to Make Text Larger in iPhone 4 Apps: Contacts, Mail, Messages and Notes

The iPhone 4 Retina display is remarkably crisp and sharp. Still, if you read lots of email or send a lot of text messages on your iPhone, the small text can be quite taxing on your eyes.

iOS 4 let's you increase the size of text displayed in iPhone's Mail, Messages, Contacts and Notes apps.

Open Settings and then tap General. Tap Accessibility. You'll see a number of settings. Tap Large Text and choose a text size that's easier for you to read.

Now, when you read or compose email, send a text message, look up contacts or take notes in the iOS 4 apps the larger text size will be used.


How to Use a Bluetooth Keyboard with iPhone 4

Sure, the virtual keyboard on an iPhone is very usable for doing things like creating a new event in the Calendar app or typing a short text message. To type email messages or take notes, a full-sized keyboard would be much better.

You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard (like the Apple Wireless Keyboard) to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS that is running iOS 4.

Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard. Then, on your iPhone, open the Settings app.

Tap General and then tap Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. After a moment, you'll see your keyboard listed. Tap it.

Your iPhone will ask you to type a passcode on your keyboard. After you do this, your keyboard will be connected to your iPhone 4. Type away!