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Discover New iPhone Apps with Genius for Apps

Genius for Apps is a great way to discover apps in the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch. Genius for Apps will recommend apps similar or related to apps you have downloaded.

To use Genius for Apps on you iPhone (or iPod touch), you need to turn it on.

On your iPhone, open the App Store. Tap the Featured icon (at the bottom right of the screen). Then, tap the Genius tab (at the top right of the screen).

Next, tap the "Turn on Genius for Apps" button. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. Please note: Genius for Apps uses your App Store download history along with info from lots of other Genius for apps users to give you the best app suggestions. So, when you start using Genius for Apps, your info is used (anonymously) to help others get the best app recommendations, too.

Now that you've turned it on, whenever you visit the Genius tab in the App Store on your iPhone, you'll see a list of app suggestions.

Have fun discovering new apps!


Differences Between iPad and iPod touch

Reviewers of the iPad have described it as a big screen version of the iPod touch. Other than the obvious differences in screen size, storage and price, there are other quite significant differences distinguishing the iPad and iPod touch.

Built-in Apps
There are interesting differences in the apps that are included with the iPad and iPod touch. iPad built-in apps got bigger for the larger screen, but fewer in number.

The iPad has a number of useful apps, that you'd recognize if you have an iPhone or iPod touch: Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Videos, YouTube, iTunes, App Store, Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod.

The iPod touch has all the apps the iPad has, and more - many more! The iPod touch also has the Stock, Weather, Voice Memos, Clock and Calculator apps.

The omission of the Voice Memos app is especially puzzling, because the iPad has a built-in microphone, while the iPod touch microphone is a part of the Apple Earphones. The iPad doesn't have the Voice Control feature either. (Voice Control let's you control your iPod touch to play music by speaking to it.)

Of course, the iPad versions of the apps it has in common with the iPod touch were updated to take advantage of the larger screen area.

And, the features introduced because of these updates generally make the apps much more of a pleasure to use. For example: larger viewing and editing area, quick access to lists (of notes, email, albums, etc.) and in-app settings.

While the iPod touch has more apps, the iPad gained more settings.
On the iPad, you can set a wallpaper for the Lock Screen and a different one for the Home Screen.

General settings has a Battery Percentage switch that let's you show the percentage battery remaining beside the battery icon.

Mail has a new Default Mail Account setting. Email created by apps outside of the Mail app will be sent from the email account specified.

Calendar on the iPad let's you choose how far back to sync calendar events. And, there is a new Default Calendar setting. Events created outside of the Calendar app will default to the selected calendar.

iPad Safari has a bookmarks bar (similar to the desktop version). A new setting let's you always show the bookmarks bar.

The Transitions setting that's let's you choose from a number animated transitions slideshows was moved from Photos settings into the iPad Photos app itself.

The iPad has a Screen rotation lock switch next to the volume controls on the side of the iPad.  When it's in the lock position, iPad apps will not rotate between landscape and portrait modes.

The speaker on the iPad can be surprisingly loud. But, unlike the iPod touch, the iPad has speaker ports (next to the iPod connector port).

Battery Life
Apple claims that the iPod touch has a video playback time of up to 6 hours and a music playback time of up to 30 hours. Apple says the iPad has up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music (9 hours for the Wi-Fi/GPS version). Our experience so far with the iPad is that the battery life is much better, lasting much longer than 10 hours.

Other Features
The iPod touch has Nike + iPod support and the iPad doesn't. (I guess an iPad is little too big to comfortably strap to a jogger - hee, hee.)

Picture Frame is a new feature specific to the iPad. It turns an iPad into an animated picture frame.

So, as you can see, there are more than a few important differences between the iPad and iPod touch, beyond it's size. 


Free iPhone App A Day

Last December, Blacksmith Games organized  the Appvent Calendar event offering a free game every day from the 1st to the 23rd of December. It was like opening a present every morning.

Blacksmith Games is back, this time with a number of other developers, launching a new event at FreeAppaDay.com. And, just like the Appvent Calendar, a featured iPhone app will be free for a day. It's great way to discover iPhone and iPod touch apps you might not have otherwise learned about.

FreeAppaDay.com begins featuring free apps today. Head on over every morning to see what app treasures await you.