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Share a web page from your iPad or iPhone

There's so much good stuff on the web. Share a web page easily with friends and family from your iPad or iPhone. While you're viewing a web page in Safari, tap the Share icon. A number of buttons will appear. Click "Mail Link to this Page."

Share web page URL from iPad

A new email message will open, containing the URL of the web page. The subject of the email will be filled-in using the title of the web page. Type-in the email addresses of who you want to sent it to and add any comments. Click Send.


Add More Features to Safari with Safari 5 Extensions

Safari 5 is an excellent web browser that you can make even better by installing Extensions to add more features. Safari 5 Extensions can display information in the toolbar such as the weather and news headlines, give you quick access to Twitter and FaceBook, help you shop on the Internet, and much more.

Check out Apple's Safari 5 Extensions Gallery (extensions.apple.com) to learn more about lots of Extensions you'll find useful. Some of the Extensions you'll see there: Twitter for Safari, Bing Highlights, NY Times Updates, Add to Amazon Wish List and Bing Highlights.

Some Extensions have options that you can change. On your Mac, select Preferences from the Safari Settings menu, and then click the Extensions icon.


Reopen Last Closed Tab in Safari 5

If you've ever accidentally closed a tab in Safari, you'll really appreciate this new feature in Safari 5. To reopen the tab you just dismissed, simply Undo.

Select "Undo Close Tab" from the Edit menu, or type Command-Z (hold down the Command key and press 'z').

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Safari Snapback: Go Back To Google Search Results with a Single Click

The Google search field in Safari is convenient when you want to find something on the web. Enter a few words into the search field and press return to instantly see search results.

Sometimes though, when you've clicked links taking you deeper into one of the web sites from the search results, you decide you haven't quite found what you were looking for.

This is where Safari's Snapback feature comes in. Instead of clicking the Back button a bunch of times to return to the search results, click the Snapback button (the orange circle with the arrow in it, in the search field).

SnapBack remembers the last Google results page you viewed, making it as easy as a single click to get back to the search results to explore another web site.


Google Pacman in Mobile Safari

Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade video game, "Pacman", (first appearing in arcades on May 22, 1980 in Japan) by creating and hosting a Google-ized version of the game on their home page.

The brilliant part is that you can play it in the mobile version of Safari on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To control Pacman, swipe your finger in the direction you want him to go.

Google continues to make their version of Pacman available to the public at google.com/pacman. Give it a try. It's fun.